The White Label SEO Dashboard Your Agency’s Headquarters

What is the importance of a white label SEO dashboard? In one word: organization. White Label SEO dashboards allow you to list projects, create milestones, and communicate with your assigned SEO project manager. White Label SEO dashboards also allow you to track progress and keywords all the while giving your business that little extra something special by proudly displaying your business name.

white-label-seo-dashboardThese dashboards allow you to access all your client projects, and even allow your clients to access their own campaign statistics.  All the while giving the appearance that the SEO team is in-house and works exclusively for your company.

Most dashboards offer keyword tracking, client project listings, easy access to the assigned project manager, and easy access to reports. Other features that may be offered on a dashboard are easy to read, colored-coded tracking graphics, option to create individual dashboards for your clients and the ability to modify settings and notifications.

They can also be setup to allow project managers to directly contact your clients and work with them on their projects just as if the project managers were working in-house. Companies that offer this also offer a ‘no-compete’ clause to protect your interests.

Resellers such as, offer a very easy to use dashboard that has an intuitive layout. The dashboard displays your company name, a place to add and view projects, link building promotions and reports. They also offer an account snapshot, keyword tracking and latest news. offers similar features and both allow easy access to assigned SEO account managers.  Another company,, offers easy to read graphics that show current keyword tracking.

PosiRank White Label Dashboard

PosiRank White Label Dashboard

Ultimately, the function of the white label dashboards relies on a few key factors: information provided, clean professional look, your business name displayed, and easy access to client reports and projects (IE: Google penalty recovery services, link building, and on-site optimization). Beyond that it’s finding the SEO team that will work hard for your clients and in the end make you look good.


Q:  What Is An SEO Dashboard?
A:  An SEO dashboard is a webpage where you can see your SEO campaigns most important stats and analytics.  You will typically see your top traffic producing keywords and their corresponding Google rank, as well as traffic referral sources, and perhaps your most recent SEO services purchased.  In short, it’s an overview of your SEO operations.

Q:  Which SEO Toolbar Is Best?
A:  There are many toolbars available for web browsers that perform provide various metrics for SEOs.  Often you’ll find that SEO’s will attempt to replace a true dashboard with an SEO plugin like this.  They’re not the same however.  Most toolbars will typically show you information like which links on a page are “no follow” links, or which keywords are found most in the page content.  While these may be useful for certain tasks they don’t replace the need for an SEO dashboard showing you the overall performance of your campaigns.



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