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First Impressions of PosiRank – Update For 2017

Well, it’s mid December in 2016 to be fair. And the PosiRank white label SEO platform has just released a new update that’s going to make it a no-brainer for agencies and personal users alike…

To say we’re a little bit excited about what PosiRank is doing is an understatement. To understand why this update is such a big deal we need to agree on one simple truth of SEO client work.

Reporting can be a battle.

One day a top keyword goes up you may not hear a peep out of the client. But say the next day it drops 2 spots. Guess what happens next “Ring, Ring, Ring – Hi what’s up with my rankings?” Keyword ranking reports (especially automated, real-time access reports) have created this scenario for all of us. It’s counter productive to say the least.

That’s the exact kind of client reporting that PosiRank has been missing too. Now that has all changed. They took one of their biggest downfalls and turned it into a positive selling / retention tool for digital marketing agencies using their platform.

They call it their “Reporting & Insights Suite

When clients login on YOUR site, they will see the metrics that truly matter to their campaign – their real-life R.O.I from your invoices. Let that sink in for a second.  Your client’s will no longer have a reason to question your very existance as a service provider.  They’ll be able to see in real time the value of your work.

You’ll still be able to fully customize the dashboard they see with metrics like real-time backlink monitoring and keyword rankings.  Keep in mind though – some clients you may want to keep away from those metrics 😉

The key here is that you’ll no longer have to spend hours connecting the dots from report to report to justify the monthly cost of your services. It will save you hours of headache and arguably the best feature of all – help you retain clients at a higher rate.

That last bit… that’s really the key here. Let them know what you’re truly worth and you’ll keep that client for 10x the amount time they would have stayed. Here’s a quick peek at what the reporting dashboard looks like when you’ve got it onto your site (process is quite simple and doesn’t take up your server resources)

PosiRank Reporting & Insights Suite Overview Image

PosiRank Client Dashboard


Pretty cool eh?  I especially love the subtle touch of “How Much Would This Same Traffic Cost with PPC.”  Client’s rarely know how to do the math of page 1 rankings let alone position #1.

For example, let’s say you helped a client rank in position #1 for a term like “white leather couch” and that term cost roughly $1 per click.  

That term gets 2.4K searches per month

Position #1 will gain on average 25% of that traffic, or 600 clicks to their site per month.  If they were to be paying for that ranking they’d be spending at least $600 per month just for that single keyword.

And we all know you’re most likely not helping client’s rank for one single keyword.  Those numbers add up in a big way.  Now you can show them the true, real-life value of the work you’re doing without spending days putting reports together.  This is a big change folks.  One worth your attention.

Impressions Pre-2017  (Still Valid – Keep Reading)

After trying out and working with several other platforms we eventually stayed with PosiRank for the majority of our white label services. If you’ve spent any time on our site it’s pretty obvious that we’re enamored with these guys. Below we’ll count all of the reasons why we’re recommending this site above all others.

When we say first impressions that’s exactly what we mean. These are our impressions from the moment we landed on the homepage of PosiRank.

In all honesty our first impression of PosiRank upon hitting the homepage was “underwhelmed.” It’s not immediately obvious just how much you’ll appreciate their service at first glance. The site isn’t flashy, it’s not brightly colored, nor is it overwhelming you with features at a glance.

But none of that really matters, does it? When you choose a platform it’s all about the quality of services and products. When you decide to spend money you want it to go to deliverables you’re proud to show to your clients. Fortunately for you, you won’t have to spend money with other companies to learn exactly just which one to go with. That’s why we’re here.

A Look Inside

The dashboard is where you’ll spend the most of your time. From here you’ll be able to create your projects, check on existing projects, order additional services, see keyword rankings at a glance, as well as see what’s being talked about in the forum (called the strategy room at Posi).

Here’s a look at the dashboard (Updated July 1, 2015):


Here’s a look at the “add a project” screen. As we mentioned before, PosiRank isn’t too flashy. Nothing fancy here. However, it’s to the point and they provide short easy to understand instructions. Notice the email reports feature. This is handy when you want either email yourself reports on work done, OR, you could email reports directly to clients.

PosiRank add a project screen

Below is a look at their order wizard. Again, it’s not going to knock your socks off with fancy features. But one look at the options of the wizard and you know that this company “gets” what your company is going through. They understand what it takes to run a business like this.

Order Wizard Screen

What We Like

#1 – There’s a lot to like about this platform. First and foremost is the quality. When choosing a white label service provider to work with that should be priority number one. Quality.

#2 – Priority number two should be scalability. If your chosen platform cannot handle the scale of work you are trying to accomplish the partnership is moot. Posi is scalable at every level and they deliver on-time.

#3 – Menu of Services – The menu of services ranges from SEO link promotions to video creation, to content creation, as well as lead gen site creation. All of this can be done on a national or local level as well.

#4 – Expert Advice – Whether you’re interested in expert consultation or general discussion you’ll find it available here. These guys know what works. They don’t just talk the talk. They prove it. They provide live case studies using only their products and services. And they get impressive results!

The forum is very active as well. They call it the “Strategy Room” for a reason. There are advanced topics and advice for nearly every aspect of your white label busines.

2015 Updates

The PosiRank platform saw some major updates in July of 2015.  We’re talking about a major overhaul here not just a sleeker interface. And yes, this is a good thing.  They’ve added some of customer’s most frequently requested features as well as a few of their own.

We’re loving the changes so far.  It’s clear the ownership is interested in evolving and improving user experience for long term retention.  They seem to truly care about their loyal users.  And that’s great news for us because we are!

Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the changes.

Platform Change #1 – Wholesale Rewards Program

We put this one first because we believe it to the most valuable to most resellers out there.  Here’s why:

  • Active wholesale accounts get discounts on selected products.
  • The longer you’re active, the better the discounts get.
  • The discounts last for an entire month from the start of the sale.

I don’t know about you but when I’m spending $x,xxx per month on products and services that discount makes a different to my bottom line.  That’s always a good thing in my opinion.

Other Platform Changes

We’re going to lump these changes together but that doesn’t make them worthless.  We just felt the rewards programs was so good it had to be expanded upon!

  • Personal Accounts – This is a pretty big change too.  It’s not longer required that you be a wholesale user with an active account.  Individuals that want to promote their own site(s) may now do so without the risk of lockout.  The only catch here is that this type of account does NOT get wholesale pricing, live keyword tracking, or automation/recurring features.  That’s really no big deal if you’re using Posi just for yourself anyway though.
  • Shopping Cart System – Prior to this change you could only purchase credits and then buy products / services with those credits.  You can still do this but you don’t have to now.  You can simply fill up your cart and pay at checkout any time you’d like.  It’s convenient at times.
  • Fully Managed Campaigns – This system has seen an overhaul and has been optimized for what it takes to rank right now.
  • Link Disavow Service – While this wasn’t technically part of the platform changes it is a new service we find incredibly useful.  You can give them a site and they will go through the backlink profile for that site MANUALLY.  We’re talking looking at the value of links one by one.  We’re not sure how they do it but it’s incredibly valuable.  Keeping backlink profiles clean is the closest you can get to Penguin proofing your client’s sites.  Avoid those penalties at all costs!

What We Don’t Like

There isn’t a whole lot to dislike about this company. But when you compare them to others the one glaring aspect you won’t find with PosiRank is a client dashboard.

A client dashboard is a piece of software or special login for your clients. This would allow them to login and see their campaign stats at glance, on demand. Rather than providing ranking updates every week or month they can simply login and see where they are at.

We’ve discussed this at length in the past. There are pros and cons to allowing your clients to see live analytics any time they wish. The reason professionals like the idea is because “ideally” the client has less questions and there are less communication issues.

Sadly, more information doesn’t always = less communication / client maintenance. In our experience it’s turned into even more client maintenance every time a keyword ranking changes.


Q:  What Does SEO Reseller Mean?
A:  SEO Reseller means that a company providing SEO products and services is willing to resell them to outside agencies.  Most commonly digital marketing agencies that do not have an in-house SEO team choose to work with an SEO reseller to help their clients achieve better SEO results.  This whole process takes place behind the scenes.  The digital marketing agency’s client is completely unaware that their services are being performed by another company.  Typically this is called white labeling services.  A white label let’s the agency place their branding information on all reports to ensure there is no confusion.

Q:  What Is An SEO Reseller Program?
A:  An SEO reseller program will often consist of several products and services offered as a package.  Of course any could be purchased individually, but the package will give the buyer a more comprehensive pre-planned approach for their client.  Ideally, this program will provide superior results for the client as opposed to the agency working with the reseller and choosing services a la cart style.

Q:  How Do You Start An SEO Campaign?
A:  That question depends a lot on your budget, knowledge, and experience.  We recommend working with SEO platforms like PosiRank because their products, services, and knowledge base is at a very high level.  Their staff provide reliable guidance to their customers allowing them to make the most of their campaigns.

Disclaimer:  The review above was put together based on actual customer feedback and comments.  What you’re about to read is not a manipulated review.

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