White Label SEO Reports – How To Stay 100% Transparent With Clients

Clients want reports. They want to know how their keywords are trending and want information that will help them to increase their overall business. White label SEO reports offer a great way for you to provide this much needed information while also freeing up your time.

White label reports, white label referring to your ability as the business to place your business name on the reports that are provided by a third-party company, provide critical business information to your clients such as campaign analysis, keyword tracking and search engine rankings. Often, these reports can be assessed through the white label dashboard provided to you, or to your clients.

White Label SEO ReportsMost reports provide an audit of the overall campaign, which would include keyword tracking, competition ranking, backlinks and market research. Not all reports are the same, however. Companies such as Agencyplatform.com offer you PPC audit reports along with campaign tracking. All the information is provided in an easy to read, color-coded graphics format. Agencyplatform.com also offers other easy to access reports right from the dashboard.

PosiRank.com offers reports that can be customized, each displaying your business name. This customization, which PosiRank.com offers on its white label SEO dashboard as well, allows you to provide your client with the exact information your client is wanting.

Endlessrise.com offers an overview of ranking, backlinks and competition. Their audit reports offer information regarding website analysis, both design and structure, and market research and analysis.


Reporting back to your clients with information about how their campaign or recovery process is going is always a positive. The ability for you to place your business name on a white label report created by a third party allows for you to have more free time focusing on gaining new clients while someone else does the work.

When reviewing companies to hire for your SEO outsourcing, it’s important to find a company that provides information and analysis throughout the process. Providing a report at the end of the campaign is great however providing information before the campaign begins and during is critical and allows for adjustments to me made for better overall results.

White label reports allow all the work to be done by a third-party, reducing your cost, while providing your clients with professional reports that proudly display your name.

PosiRank.com offers customization with the reports it provides which is a huge plus. In the world of marketing, having the wrong type of marketing information is just as bad as having very little marketing feedback.  You’ll be able to report on all types of services that you offer whether that’s a full on-site audit of thousands of pages or their backlink cleanup service.


It’s important that your clients have real-time information concerning their campaign. Marketing on the Internet changes quickly so it’s critical that your clients have up-to- date information. Just as critical is having the right type of information. Reports should cover all the key areas of your campaign such as keywords, competition and ranking. However, if a company is only providing this basic information, they are missing some very important marketing feedback such has how your website is structured and designed for optimal performance. Endlessrise.com offers a very thorough list of reports that covers all of these aspects.

Keep in mind that information is power and the more of the right kind of information you, and your clients, have regarding campaigns, the higher the chances of running a successful campaign. Reports are critical so look at the white label SEO companies that are willing to provide you with the most up-to-date information and most complete and provide reports that are professional. Remember, your business name is going to be the one appearing on each page.


Q:  What Is SEO Analysis?
A:  Good SEO reports will display SEO analysis in an easily consumable manner.  The anlaysis shows a webmaster exactly what’s going on with their site and their backlink profile.  SEO analysis can cover how well a webpage is optimized for a certain keyword, it could include an audit of a site’s entire backlink profile, or it could simply show a webmaster how many pages are indexed in Google.  There are a large number of factors SEO analysis can perform and show you.

Q:  How Do I Read SEO Reports?
A:  Good SEO reports will be very easy to read.  They’ll be logically laid out in a way that shows webmasters exactly what’s happening with their site’s campaign.  You will most likely see your keyword rankings prominently in your report.  You’ll see where each of your keywords rank and if they’ve gone up or down in ranking since your last report.  You may also see other stats like how much web traffic search engines sent you over the last month and if it was more or less than the previous month.  Other common report factors are how many links or social media interactions your content has received.

Q:  How Do I Get SEO Reports
A:  To get good SEO reports you’re going to have to purchase a reliable piece of software.  This software may be built into the SEO platform you may be using like PosiRank.com for example.  Or you may choose to buy 3rd party reporting software like that from Link-Assistant.com.  Some people choose to use free web browser toolbars to help them with their reporting as well.  Although this source does not work as well when working with clients as the other options above.




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