White Label SEO Reseller – Your Checklist To ROI

In-house SEO teams are generally extremely costly, use up a lot of time and resources, and are overall cumbersome to manage. White label SEO companies (also known as white label SEO resellers) offer a cost-effective alternative to in-house SEO teams, allowing businesses to outsource some of their SEO work.

The Team Behind The Team

The beauty of white label SEO is that it is 100% “invisible” to anyone outside the company, as it functions like a blank-labelled product; whoever uses it is free to brand it themselves, using their own company’s logo and message. This allows the firms in question to retain a seamless and professional image while providing their clients with high quality services.

White label SEO solutions offer these businesses the best return on their investment, both for themselves and their various clients. This enhances profitability and scalability across the board while yielding impressive search-based results… But only if one chooses the right provider.

white label seo resellerWhat To Look Out For – A Checklist

Not all white label SEO resellers are created equal, so before you start shopping for one, it’s necessary to have a list of criteria in mind for the service to meet. There are a huge range of services available, from simple automated pieces of software, to complicated platforms (which are, naturally, more expensive).

When you’re looking at a white label SEO reseller, before making a final decision, be sure to run through the following checklist. You will need to choose a company that:

  • Will Work Well for Scaling Your Business – When you build a great relationship with your reselling provider you can scale your business at an astounding rate. You’ll start off slow but as you build trust in delivery and quality of their work; you will be able to take more and more clients on in your business.
  • Will Provide an Optimal Reseller Margin Without Compromising Any Quality – This is a biggy. There’s no point in even considering this path if the provider you’re working with has sub-par quality deliverables. Today’s SEO landscape is difficult. Everything must be of the highest quality or you won’t be able to produce results for your clients.
  • Will Work Well With Local SEO, Not Just National SEO – This is just standard. If the platform you’re with doesn’t offer local based services, you’re in the wrong place. Start your search over with our comparison chart found on the home page.
  • Uses Up-To-The-Minute Methods Which Will Not Be Penalized By Google’s Panda or Penguin updates. Many old methods for SEO are now obsolete and may actually harm your website’s rankings. This is a tough one to gauge when signing with a reseller. How are you supposed to know if they know about what you don’t? That’s a mouthful. Look for a company that offers continual training and runs live case studies showing 100% transparency. Companies willing to do this are confident in their knowledge of the current state of SEO.
  • A Variety of Services Which Can Be Customized To Fit Your Needs – That’s what this thing is all about. Allowing you to add an entire menu of services to your own company’s portfolio. If your reseller doesn’t have much to offer – neither do you.
  • Is Relatively User-Friendly – one of the biggest perks of white label SEO is that it saves time, but it won’t if your platform is hopelessly complicated to use. Some services provide a virtual tour which will walk you through how to use them; look for this if you’re confused on how to use white label SEO tools.
  • The Platform Will Need To Have The Ability to Produce Quality Reports To Show Your Clients – Your client’s are going to demand performance. The only way to make sure they understand the amount of work that’s being done on their behalf is through superior reporting. They’re going to need a littany of reports like (but not limited to) keyword ranking reports, link building reports, and last but certainly not least – financial reports. Client’s want to know exactly whats happening with their site and how much money they’ve spent.
  • The Company Should Be transparent in Terms Of What You’re Getting And What Exactly it Will Cost – This is just standard business ethics. If you ever get the feeling that your platform has not been 100% honest with you it’s time to shop around. You have to know your costs before you incur them, business 101.



Q:  What Does SEO Reseller Mean?
A:  An SEO reseller is a company that offers SEO products and services to marketing agencies in order to be re-sold under their own brand.  This is an especially useful tactic for digital marketing companies that do not have an SEO expert on payroll to service clients.  SEO Reseller’s are the hidden backbone service provider to many high end marketing agencies.

Q:  What Is An SEO Reseller Program?
A:  SEO reseller programs most often consist of a few different components.  First, they have a menu of services that can be purchased on behalf of yourself or your clients.  Second, they offer tools and reporting functionality that is rebrandable.  This allows you to deliver reports to your clients under your own brand in a seamless fashion.  And last but not least, good SEO resellers offer high end SEO knowledge and advice.  This can be delivered in the form of forums, emails, webinars, blog posts, and more.  The better educated you are the better you’ll be able to service your clients.

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