White Label SEO Software – Automated Machines or Manually Powered By Humans?

White label SEO software is often used by an individual or agency to offer services to their client base that they may not have the revenue to support in-house. These companies add functionality and services to the customers own service menu, under their own branding (instead of the white label company who developed the tools).  The best of the best in this category will help create a seamless integration with your company’s products and services.  Software that will perform and produce under your company’s branding has the potential to raise ROI.

SEO SoftwareSEO professionals will often do this to free up their own time and focus more on customer acquisition. It’s a winning solution for both companies. Each improve their return on investment while providing high quality services.  At least this is how this concept is supposed to work.  Not all software platforms function as well as others.  Choosing the right one will be a decision not to be taken lightly.  That’s why we’ve created our platform comparison chart on the home page of this site.

On the actual software side of things these companies employ a number of different types of integrated software programs to provide the customer with a cohesive, efficient experience.

White Label Customer Software

This is the software that you see as the reseller of the services. This will mainly consist of the dashboard that helps organize your interaction with your service provider. From here you’ll be able to create new projects, track keywords, order link building promotions for both local and national campaigns, order content, order lead generation websites, and a whole lot more. This is essentially the individual SEO professional or agency’s headquarters. There’s a lot to be accomplished that will both help you stay organized and profitable through your relationship with the white label reseller.  You can read more about the white label SEO dashboard here.

White Label Customer – Client Software

Not all of the SEO resellers out there will provide this type of software. It’s sort of a “perk” that some providers offer that other’s choose not to. Some may actually suggest that this software is more of a burden than a perk (albeit that will be up to you).  This software is designed for the individual or agency’s client’s to login to and see campaign stats. Your agency’s customer’s will be able to see as much about their campaigns as you’d like them to see.

This can be a very handy type of software as an SEO service provider. Clients often demand constant attention and reporting on their campaigns. Providing them with their own dashboard login where they can see stats like:

  • keyword rankings – Knowing exactly where they rank is important.  It set’s the baseline to monitor the effectiveness of your work (or in-effectiveness as it may be)
  • Links acquired – This is a large part of most outsourcing solutions today, acquiring high quality back-links that point to their client’s sites helping them rank better.
  • Links Lost – This isn’t a metric that all providers offer their clients.  However it is something that a professional SEO outfit should monitor.  It may or may not be useful for client’s to see this.
  • Citations built – These are local specific links pointing to your clients site.  Many brick and motor business owners like to see these direct, local specific links as they come in.

Providing the client with 100% transparency when it comes to their campaign can go a long way in building the service provider trust relationship.

On the flip side of that coin however, your client get’s to see everything.  This also includes when their keyword rankings go down.  Some of the more obsessive types may want to give you a call every time a keyword drops a spot or two.  There is potential for creating a headache, or a needy client relationship with too much data at their disposal.

White Label SEO Automated Software

This is bit of a controversial topic among professionals. When it comes to today’s modern SEO state – automation is a dirty word. It’s common knowledge that if the search engines detect even a hint of automated promotion on the behave of a website’s rankings, that site will most likely be penalized (if not de-indexed).  You’ve got to be as careful as possible when it comes to this kind of promotion.

Automated promotion can still be useful when used smartly.  In example, using a hand crated second and third tier of links that are then promoted by the automated solutions.

The word “automation” can be misleading however. For something to be automated for you means that it’s done automatically without your involvement. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it was done by a machine, without thought or human direction. Sometimes we forget that automated can simply mean that the work is being completed by humans on the other end of a system that we may or may not have any interaction with.  That is certainly the most ideal situation when someone is handling your SEO promotions – done by hand.

Good white label SEO software provides you with the customer dashboard interface and automated services (powered by actual people). This way you get the best of both worlds. Instant reliable reporting as well as the highest quality work possible. Don’t be fooled by some of the overseas outsourcing solutions that offer similar services with a lower quality level of writing. English as a second language writers are often sub par when it comes to the quality of your content.

Keep in mind that not all of these companies follow the ideal guidelines. Not all are “created equal.” Be careful when working with these platforms. Ask questions. Speak to an actual person and ask the tough questions. Find out if your links are being built manually, by real people. Find out if they use any kind of automated promotional methods whatsoever. If they do, how are they using this lower quality, gray hat, automated solutions? Are they pointing links like that to your money site? If so, you should end the relationship immediately. If they rarely use automated tools and only promote to the third tier of your links? Well that’s a different story.


Q:  What Is SEO Software?
A:  SEO software is an automation tool to help webmasters gather data about their sites, their competitors sites, and backlinks used to promote each.  This software can be particularly helpful when deciding what to build a website about, how to make a website rank better, what opportunities your competitors are missing out on, as well as how to achieve similar results your biggest competitors have achieved.

Q:  What Does SEO Software Do?
A:  The answer to this question depends on the type of SEO software you’re considering buying.  If you are looking at Keyword software then this will help you find and analyze keywords that may be valuable for you to target.  If you’re using an on-site audit type of software then you’re going to be getting information back about how your site’s internal structure could be improved for better ranking performance.  One more we’ll mention are backlink monitoring softwares like ahrefs.com.  This will evaluate all of the links pointing to a particular URL.  There is a wide array of software to choose from and many of them have very different purposes.

Q:  How Do You Choose The Right SEO Software?
A:  Choosing the right SEO software is all about knowing exactly what it is that you want to accomplish.  If you want to just track your keyword rankings then a rank tracking software will suffice.  If you want to do extensive research, track keywords, and do backlink analysis then you’ll need to look into buying an SEO software suite that covers it all.  This is a big benefit of working with a white label SEO platform as they often have these products and services at your finger tips.  They can also be performed by trained professionals saving you time and money.



affiliate disclosure: there is a material connection to one or more of the reviewed services.

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