What Is White Label SEO? Find Out Before Your Competitors

If you’re familiar with the world of search engine optimization (SEO), you’ve likely heard of “white hat” and “black hat” SEO techniques, but recently another term has been added to the portfolio: White label SEO.

White label SEO is a different concept entirely from the other two mentioned above; rather than being about the techniques used to woo search engines specifically, it refers to a set of SEO tools which come with a “blank” label (rather than being branded).

Why is There a Demand for White Label SEO Tools?

During your various trips to the grocery store, you’ve probably noticed the amount of products there which bear the grocery store’s own brand label. Obviously, not all of these are made on-site; while the store might have its own deli and bakery, many of the other store-brand labelled products are actually “white label” goods, goods that have been pre-made and shipped without being branded so that the store might put their own brand on them without infringing copyright.

what is white label seoIt’s A Surprisingly Efficient Backbone To Today’s Digital Marketing Agencies

Not all businesses have all the tools they need “in house” when it comes to providing SEO services (particularly small businesses which are just starting out). The availability of white label SEO tools enables these companies to purchase and utilize the tools they are lacking while still keeping everything under their own logo and brand name.  This is a huge financial advantage for some companies.  Imagine being able to resell these tools without infringing on anyone’s copyrights or stealing code?  It’s and opportunity that may make sense for you and your business.   In essence, this is a form of outsourcing; the same way some firms outsource tech support, various SEO functions may be outsourced through the use of white label tools.

Businesses not related to SEO services specifically also benefit from using white label SEO tools. Hiring in-house SEO services is very expensive, so many small businesses turn to doing their own SEO work, researching their target market and performing their own website analytics.

An Inventory Of Quality Software & Services Is What You’re Looking For

There are many white label SEO tools which are perfect for exactly these sort of tasks, such as

  • Keyword Research Tools – Typically you’re dealing with keyword generation and keyword analysis tools here. Not every platform or service that you find will have these, but if they do they can be helpful. Good tools will evaluate how much traffic each keyword could potentially obtain, how much ppc competition exists for that word, how much that keyword costs per click, and how hard it will be to rank for it.
  • Backlinking Services – This is going to be the biggest set of tools and services you’ll find with a white label SEO company. Here are several types you’re most likely to see:
    • Local Link Services – Building specific links called “citations” are the most common of these types of link services. You may also find local directory submission services with this type of link building.
    • Guest Posting Services – Some of the high level platforms will go out and find niche specific sites to have your content published on in exchange for a backlink. These can be particularly powerful rank boosters.
    • Tiered Link Building Services – These types of links consist of multiple tiers, one layer being promoted by another. This can also be a powerful tools when used correctly. You may find that many services offer “automated” versions of this built by software. Your ranking results will be best if this entire process is done by hand using unique content.
    • Mass Link Building Services – These types of link building services fall under the “gray hat” side of the spectrum. When used correctly these mass links can be useful for a number of different SEO promotion strategies.
  • Google places API tools – These tools also fit in the “local promotion” category of tools. You’ll find that these tools help you automatically upload and optimize Google places accounts.
  • Yelp business data tools and many more – Yelp offers a variety of ways a local business can advertise with their site. These tools will help automate and manage any and all campaigns, both paid and not.

There are also simpler functions available, such as website visitor traffic counters, Youtube video stats monitoring tools, and even spellcheckers/correctors—Pretty much any function needed to make a website more streamlined, professional, and able to attain a higher search engine rankings and more ROI driving traffic.  These kind of tools and services are in demand.  The market want’s what these companies will now have the ability to sell.  The next time you’re asked what what label SEO is, tell them it’s a viable business interest.


Q:  When Did SEO Start
A:  SEO started very early on in the days of the Internet.  Webmasters noticed that they received traffic from various search engines.  It was only a matter of time before they realized that the traffic they received were based on the keywords that people were searching that could be found in the content of the pages they landed on.  This was the  beginning of SEO.  By optimizing a webpage for keywords that people were interested in they were able to get more traffic to their sites.

Q:  Why Does SEO Take Time?
A:  SEO takes time because it can be a very manual process to perform the techiques necessary to get results.  For example there is competition research,  keyword research, site planning, site building, content writing, and on site optimization.  Each of these practices could take hours.  This doesn’t even take into account the off page SEO practices needed to drive great rankings.  What’s more – webmasters have to wait for Google to respond to their techniques which can take time as well.

Q:  When Does SEO Work?
A:  SEO works when a combination of techniques are applied correctly and Google recognizes those factors.  When Google or other search engines see the optimization factors your of your site you’ll eventually see results.  This could happen quickly for some keyword selections or it could happen slowly over time.  There is no guarantee of exactly when this will happen.  If you do good work (or outsource to a reliable source) you will get results.

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